Have a Dialog with Your Patient
For the first time Health Payors can have a direct digital dialog with patients

Digital Health Dialog (DHD) brings new technologies, and a new approach, to communicate directly with your insured, reducing your operating / transactional costs. Through our patented technology, DHD has, for the first time, fused mobile technology with the electronic pharmacy adjudication system to assist you and your insured, in real-time, precisely when they need assistance - right at the pharmacy counter when filling their prescriptions, saving both parties by choosing the proper medication at a better price point avoiding non-preferred medication.

  • Provide preferred medication and electronic copay reduction offer delivery
  • HIPAA compliant direct patient relationship
  • Refill reminders and fulfillment
  • Payor authorization assistance
  • Healthy living tips
  • Surveys
  • And more...

All in the most accepted and effective communication channel that exists today - mobile messaging. Most importantly, the communications are real-time, and delivered precisely when the patient needs the assistance. We can provide patient medication adherence with a cost savings for both patient and payor. Patients and physicians alike are often left uncertain and confused about their treatment options and costs. DHD will help you overcome these challenges. DHD can help you realize your goals in patient satisfaction and adherence rates, marketing innovations and program cost considerations...all through a direct digital connection to your patient.

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